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Home giveaway SecNews Competition: Win a free annual subscription to the FlexClip video editor

SecNews Competition: Win a free annual subscription to the FlexClip video editor

SecNews Competition- Win a free annual subscription for the FlexClip video editor: How do I make my own videos that look professional but won't cost me? If you have ever asked yourself this question, then keep reading this article and you will not miss it.

Make professional videos in minutes with FlexClip Video Maker. FlexClip is the best video editor. This is a powerful but simple to use video maker that allows you to create from personal mini video even commercials that have nothing to envy from a professional job.

SecNews Competition: Win Free Annual Contribution for FlexClip best video editor

SecNews has secured for you 2 user licenses for the Annualy Plus package! To take part in the competition:

Share the article on your Facebook or Twitter account and tag two friends in the post

How can you access FlexClip Video Editor?

There is a free version of FlexClip. However, it is accompanied by a limited number of features. You can visit the official website of FlexClip and sign up for free via a Facebook account or Google account, and then use the features of the service completely free of charge.
If your job requires additional features and capabilities you can use them subscription packages for which you have to pay a certain amount. SecNews gives you as a gift the PLUS subscription package that has the largest range of features and capabilities!

FlexClip: Make your own videos with the best video editor

Why would anyone want to make a video other than personal pleasure?

  1. Enhance sales

An exciting video can influence buying behavior, leading directly to sales.

Nothing compares to the power of video in terms of increasing traffic to website you.

  • Increase in social shares

Videos on social media platforms create more "like" notifications and notifications than images and text.

Key features of FlexClip

  • It is a video creator and a editing program through Internet
  • Ready templates
  • Export video Full HD
  • Photo / video libraries
  • Fully customizable

What does the FlexClip video maker offer you?

  1. Rich moving data
  2. Millions of multimedia sources without copyright
  3. Many integrated and powerful features
  4. Easy to use video editing program
  5. High processing speeds and safe use

What kind of video can you make?

Video Editor: Cut, sew and easily edit a video or search for professional clips for various edits.

Movie Maker: Create a stunning movie for businesses, festivals, special events and social media platforms with great efficiency.

Slideshow Maker: Easily combine your photos and videos in a fantastic music presentation for any occasion.

How to create a video with 3 simple steps?

1. Add media

Add videos or photos from computer or service libraries to the storyboard.

2. Adjust

Add text, music and voice to your video.

3. Export

Download your video in various proportions (480p, 720p, 1080p) and then share it with the world.

SecNews Competition: Win Free Annual Contribution for FlexClip best video editor

Supports multiple formats

FlexClip supports video uploads to MP4, MOV, WEBM, M4V, etc., while uploading photos in JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, GIF, etc. formats. It includes almost all common video and photo formats you use every day.

Two lucky people who will share this post (Facebook or Twitter) and tag two of their friends, will win an annual PLUS subscription for the FlexClip video editor

* The competition starts at 24.04.2020 and ends at 10.05.2020. After the aforementioned deadline, the tender ceases to be held and is in force. The draw will take place with an electronic automatic system on 11/05/2020. During the draw, (2) winners will be announced.

* Winners will be announced after a draw, on Monday, May 11. The names of the winners will be posted in this post.

* The executives and employees of are excluded from the competition.

* Winners will be notified via a message sent to them by SecNews on the social media account from which the article was communicated. The winners will also be posted in this post. Winners should to respond to the message within 3 days to be able to receive their gift.


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