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Trump: Delays immigration to US due to Coronation!

US President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that his government would suspend immigration to the United States for 60 days, temporarily blocking the entry of green card recipients seeking permanent residency. The president stressed that this move is necessary for her protection of US workers as the global pandemic of Coronation continues.

In particular, Trump has said he will issue a decree temporarily suspend immigration to the United States, as stopping immigration will give priority to unemployed Americans. jobs. He also pointed out that it would be wrong and unfair to replace an American who has been infected with the virus with a new migrant workforce coming from abroad. Trump said the decree would be reconsidered after 60 days and could be amended based on economic conditions. The suspension, which is expected to affect tens of thousands of people, was first announced by the president through one publication notified to Twitter on Monday night. In particular, he tweeted: "Taking into account the attack by the Invisible Enemy, as well as the need to protect the jobs of our GREAT American Citizens, I will sign an Executive Decree to temporarily suspend immigration to the United States!"

It is worth noting that in the US most have been noted outbreaks Koronoi so far. In particular, more than 780.000 confirmed cases have been recorded, which increased by 20.000 on Monday. The death toll in the United States also surpassed 42.000 on Monday.

Trump's announcement comes amid growing concerns that the Koronoi pandemic COVID-19: will have serious and long-term effects on economy. Some economists point out that we are already in recession, while others predict a more critical economic future after the Great Depression of 1929. About 16,8 million Americans Employees have applied for unemployment, while another 5,2 million were added to them this week.

The Trump administration has also said it will deny entry to some U.S. migrants crossing the border, including asylum seekers, by setting up strong forces. security at the border to prevent foreigners from entering as the government believes they could transmit some disease.

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