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SMS 13033: Smishing in the time of Covid-XNUMX

SMS 13033: Smishing in the time of Covid-XNUMX: The TwelveSec team, in the context of service delivery cyber security and ongoing research in the field, identified a security gap in 13033. This problem can be used by criminals to deceive the public.

During the current pandemic, the GSM network is used worldwide to send SMS notifications to the public. In Greece the GSM network is used to send a message to 13033. Due vulnerability which has been plagued by online SMS platforms for the last twenty (20) years, Greek citizens need to be aware of possible attempts Smishing (SMS Phishing).

Η TwelveSec, in the context of the principle of "Responsible Disclosure", contacted the competent state authorities immediately, informing about the security problem in GSM technology - on the basis of which it is possible to automatically send SMS from 13033 - and proposing the notification of the issue to the general public.

SMS 13033: Smishing in the time of Covid-XNUMX

Clearly, the malicious use of this technology, through vulnerability - which has been known for the last 20 years - will have dangerous effects on Greek citizens.

Possible criminal acts could lead to data breach , but also in other equally illegal acts, as it is possible to send an SMS to which he will appear to be a sender in 13033 and which may indicate that the recipient is connected to websites designed to intercept data or follow false "state" instructions.

Twelvesec is sending the following message to everyone:

"We ask you to ignore any message sent to you from 13033 and to inform the authorities immediately."

* SecNews thanks him Researcher Dimitris Mitrou for the research article on locating the security gap.


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