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Home security Nintendo Switch: Users report breach of their accounts

Nintendo Switch: Users report breach of their accounts

For about a month now, more and more Nintendo Switch users have been reporting a breach of their accounts from remote locations around the world, with many of them even losing money as a result of the unauthorized intrusion. Account breaches appear to have started in mid-March, culminating in the weekend, when many users began receiving notifications via e-mail that unknown addresses IP have seen them Profile on the Nintendo Switch. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. It is not clear if the hackers use passwords that have been leaked to various websites to gain access to Nintendo accounts.

Some users have reported that they use complex passwords created through a password manager. These codes were unique and were not used anywhere else. This suggests that hackers may do even more than violate the standard credentials and passwords or from carrying out violent attacks.

Nintendo has not yet made an official statement on the attacks. However, the company advised users through it Twitter and Reddit perform two-step verification (2SV) verification on their accounts, as this is very likely to limit and prevent intrusions.

Many of the users who reported unauthorized access to their Nintendo accounts pointed out that they had lost money. In particular, many of the users whose accounts were breached and had a Paypal account linked reported that their money was being used to buy VBucks on Fortnite.

Although there is no exact picture of the number of accounts that have been compromised, this seems to be happening on an ever-increasing scale, given the number of user complaints noted in SOCIAL MEDIA.

Prominent personalities from his field Gaming have also been targeted by hackers. Among them is its founder LootPots, a site that publishes news and posts about the Nintendo Switch.

ZDNet has discovered ads posted on the Internet this month where hackers are selling Fortnite V-Bucks obtained from Nintendo Switch accounts. These ads seem to be linked to the recent pirate campaign targeting Nintendo accounts.

How to insure your Nintendo Switch accounts

Users who are afraid of falling victim to this pirate campaign or who want to avoid a possible breach of their accounts can follow these steps:

  • Check the connection history. You can check your recent connections by going to the address
  • Change the password. You can do this through the link above. If you use the same password on other sites, you must change these codes as well.
  • Disconnect from all devices. From the link mentioned above, you can disconnect from all Appliances. However, this must be done after you have changed your password. If someone has access to the credentials of your account, the disconnection will not have much effect, as they will still be able to connect again until you change them.
  • Check your transactions. Check for "insidious" purchases or other activities you may not have done yourself.


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