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CovidMaps helps you find open shops in the middle of quarantine


By pandemic to continue its spread throughout planet, many countries have imposed the mandatory closure of stores, in addition to pharmacies, grocery stores and ATMs.

So finding the stores closest to them and the hours they work is very important so they can buy the essentials. For this reason, a group of volunteers from India has created one app called CovidMaps, which will help citizens find the shops and pharmacies closest to them.

India is another country that has been hit hard by it coronavirus and has extended it quarantine until May 3, 2020. So CovidMaps will definitely help people find the necessary stores and ATMs. CovidMaps also provides a brief description of a particular store, including opening hours, when it closes, and detailed information on the items available on it.

CovidMaps founder Phani Kishan says users can also add information to platform.

How does CovidMaps work?

The user must first visit the official CovidMaps website.

There he will see the available stores in his area.

He can search specific stores near him by typing the name of his location on the search bar.

It can also share details about a particular store, update information or receive instructions to visit the store.

It can also add a new store to the list, as this will help other people.

Although it is definitely a very useful one application, allowing everyone to post information without even creating a user account is something that could cause chaos. Many malicious users they could add fake or misleading information and confuse other users.

CovidMaps has already gathered 50.000 visitors and some of them are not even from India. The largest number of sites come from Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Bombay and Delhi. According to Kishan, a well-known start-up, Dunzo also uses CovidMaps to locate stores to serve customers.

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