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YouTube: Free tool to create commercials for businesses


The YouTube launched a new one tool addressed mainly to small businesses, who want to create small video ads, but they probably don't have the experience or know-how to do it. With this news tool, they will be able to do it easily and free of charge. The tool is called YouTube Video Builder and was under test for several months. However, it was released a little earlier than planned due to the pandemic COVID-19. Most people now work from it home, therefore the download video for the needs of a business is not possible.

"We believe Video Builder can help businesses of all sizes need video fast, especially now that we've heard from many companies that they need to inform their customers quickly and easily," said Ali Miller, Product Management Manager on YouTube Ads.

In order for a company to gain access to the tool, it must have only one Google Account which can be used to connect to its services Google, As the gmail and YouTube. If not, can link its non-Google email address to a Google account. In order to store and publish the video, the business will need it her own YouTube channel.

Using the tool is quite simple. The beta version of Video Builder can "bring to life" the static elements of a business, such as images, texts and photos, which can be set to music by free audio library YouTube. Users can also choose from a variety of frameworks based on their messages and goals, YouTube says. Then they can quickly adjust them colors And the fonts to create one 6 or 15 second videos.

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When finished, the video can be downloaded as "Unlisted»On the company's YouTube channel, unless the company wants the promotional video to be visible to the public, so it will change the setting. Subsequently, the video can be used anywhere else, on other sites or on social media. And if the company chooses, it can display videos as advertising through Google Ads.

The tool is now one of the many DIY solutions for businesses that want to create their own video ads. For example, h Vimeo An application was released in February that helps small businesses create professional social videos. Last fall, the Lightricks has released a full range of small business applications to enhance their social media marketing campaigns. There are also dozens of video editing tools on the market from Adobe Apple, Magisto, Canva, PicsArt and many others Companies.

In the case of YouTube's Video Builder, the advantage is that the tool produces the video it is suitable for YouTube viewers and integrated into the Google Ads program.

Video Builder has been tested by some companies. In some cases, businesses wanted to alert customers to changes in schedule or new ones. services, such as receipt and delivery.

Now, with its widespread release, businesses can use it with desktop, after acquiring beta access. The YouTube tool itself is only available in English, but the videos it creates can be in any language.

Miller says Video Builder was originally developed to help businesses create video ads quickly and easily for YouTube, as they are now closed at home. But it will also be useful for those who want to start creating videos on YouTube to find new ones customers.

The new tool is one of the many business services that YouTube has created. It was released last May Bumper Machine, a quick way to customize existing videos in a short six-second clip (using mechanical learning).


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