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Ubuntu 4.10: The first version of the most well-known Linux-based operating system

Ubuntu 4.10: The first version of the most well-known Linux-based operating system

If you know how publications of ubuntu get their name, then you already understand that the first version of ubuntu, released on October 20, 2004. Since then until today, ubuntu is the favorite distribution based on Linux as for ordinary users, so for them professionals. But what exactly does the word ubuntu mean?

The name of the distribution comes from the African word ubuntu which means "humanity to others". Because the operating system is made for similar reasons, the system's creator, Mark Shuttleworth, decided to give it the corresponding name.

Ubuntu is one of them distributions which name each version depending on its release date. This helps users remember the version name more easily. In addition to numbers, ubuntu versions always have an adjective and an animal in their name, and both start with the same letter. For example, the first version of Ubuntu was named 4.10 Warty Warthog, where the numbers come from the release date (October 2004), while Warty Warthog is the animal from which this version was named. However, the first editions were not called alphabetically. After the release of 5.10 Breezy Badger and 6.04 Dapper Drake, however, h Canonical now decided to choose the names and alphabetically.

Going further, we get to the system requirements of ubuntu 4.10, they are very small in terms of the requirements that exist today. More specifically, ubuntu 4.10 needs:

  • Intel x86, amd64, or PPC-based processor.
  • 32MB RAM.
  • 110MB storage space.

Installing ubuntu 4.10

To install ubuntu 4.10, you must first do this λήψη of the ISO file. Thanks to ubuntu, the installation file is still available and it is not difficult to find, as ubuntu saves all versions that have been released.

Linux-based operating system

However, in the days of the ubuntu 4.10, many users did not have access to the internet. For this reason, people could order and receive one for free CD with installation files. Although it may seem silly to us now, this is one of the main reasons why ubuntu is its most famous distribution. Linux today.

We no longer have the ability to receive such a CD, but we can easily find version 4.10 on the official ubuntu website. THE distribution exists for both 32bit systems and 64bit systems. Installation is very simple and fast, and there are not many settings you can make.

Features of ubuntu Warty Warthog:

Linux-based operating system

Debian is one of the oldest, most powerful and most stable Linux distributions. However, users have difficulty managing it. Ubuntu on the other hand, thanks to the GNOME desktop, is the most Linux-friendly system available today. Although there are now several desktops, new versions of ubuntu continue to be released with GNOME until today. Also, many of the already installed programs such as Rythmbox and LibreOffice do not cease to exist from the first to the last versions of the operating system. However, some other features, such as the theme, change quite a bit in each new version of the system.

Today, there have been several improvements and changes to the ubuntu, but its main purpose has not changed over the years. Although the old versions have almost nothing empty with the recent ones, ubuntu continues to be the most famous and most friendly operating system.


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