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IBM: Connects governments with COBOL developers and trains young people

COBOL developers

Η language programming COBOL It was created in 1959 and since the 1980s it has been considered obsolete and obsolete. However, there are still several software systems based on COBOL. The economic consequences of his pandemic coronavirus have significantly increased the demand for COBOL developers. Last week, for example, the governor of New Jersey asked COBOL developers to help solve problems related to software running the insurance system for the unemployed. Based on these dataThe IBM has decided to help states by connecting them with experienced COBOL developers and training a new generation of developers.

"In the midst of the global pandemic COVID-19, the customers "We are facing unprecedented circumstances," said an IBM press release. Some states "need additional programming skills to make changes to COBOL - a language reported to have about 220 billion lines code used today ”.

A new online courses forum, co-financed by Open Mainframe Project, aims to connect COBOL developers with people who want to hire them. There are hundreds of COBOL developers. Many of them have vast experience while others have recently learned programming language. They have all submitted data them on forum.

A second forum “is followed by experienced COBOL developers who provide free advice during the crisis. This tool will allow developers of different levels to manage issues, learn new techniques, etc.

IBM is also preparing one free COMBOL training seminar. Η company has published someone material in Github, although a full COBOL training program is not provided. The IBM announcement says the material “will be converted into a self-service video lesson with hands-on workshops and tutorials available next month, through Coursera and other learning platforms ”.


It may not be easy to train new COBOL developers in time to help with current problems, such as those in New Jersey. However, efforts can be made. Apparently, COBOL will continue to be in the spotlight for a long time to come.

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