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Home security Credit card thieves target WooCommerce sites with skimmer

Credit card thieves target WooCommerce sites with skimmer

WooCommerce sites

Hackers aim WooCommerce sites with a specialist JavaScript-based card template malware, which allows theft credit card details, without having to redirect the payments to accounts controlled by them hackers.

WooCommerce is one free, open-source WordPress Plugin used in more than 5 million sites and makes it easier e-commerce.

This is not the first time WooCommerce e-shops have been involved attacks credit card theft (also known as Magecart attacks), as stated by her Willem de Groot Sanguine Security. In August 2018 some hackers tried to violate WooCommerce sites using his technique brut-forcing to discover codes access of administrators.

"Of course, WooCommerce and other e-commerce WordPress-based sites have been targeted by hackers in the past, but were usually limited to modifying payment details," explained Sucuri's Ben Martin.

"For example, hackers were promoting payments to PayPal e-mail of the intruder instead of the account of the legal owner of the site. What we are seeing now is something quite new. "

credit card skimmer

New card skimming approach

The attack was discovered by Martin after the reports of many users WordPress and WooCommerce sites, about fraudulent credit card transactions.

A check of all the core files of the affected online stores, he revealed malicious code files added at the end of the seemingly harmless JavaScript folders.

"JavaScript itself is a bit difficult to understand, but one thing is clear skimmer saves both credit card number and CVV (card security code) in plain text format cookiesMartin said.

"As is usually the case with PHP malware, many levels of encryption are used in an attempt to avoid detection and hide the underlying code."

What makes this attack stand out is that the attackers behind it, included the JavaScript card skimmer in the site's core files instead of loading it from a third site under their control (This usually happens with attacks aimed at stealing credit card details).

The skimmer cleans its traces

The stolen credit card details are stored in two archives image stored in the wp-content / uploads directory.

However, as Martin discovered, the skimmer was able to cover its tracks, as the files were emptied when the analysis of the violated sites started.

While usually the entry point used by attackers to infect a WooCommerce or other e-commerce site is easy to spot, this time it was not so obvious.

"It could be a compromised administrator account, an SFTP code or some vulnerable software," Martin added.

"One thing I would recommend to anyone interested in it safety of WooCommerce or their WordPress site is to disable instant file processing by adding the following line to wp-config.php, ”he added.


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