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Endeavor: A simpler version of Arch Linux for beginners

Endeavor: A simpler version of Arch Linux

Its installation Arch Linux is not difficult for users with extensive experience in Linux-based operating systems. However, the same installation can be difficult for ordinary users. If you belong to the second group of users and want to install similar to Arch Linux operating system, then EndeavourOS is the easiest solution for you.

Already, from the first stable version released on July 15, 2019, EndeavourOS was coming up with a simple online / offline installation program. Nevertheless, soon was released a new version of the operating system, which comes with an even simpler installation program and a few more improvements.

One of the most important improvements in the new version is Universal ISO boot. This means that if you use open source video drivers or Nvidia drivers, you can now run the operating system with the corresponding drivers.

The new version also brings improvements appearance in the offline installation program. The basic color has changed from purple to blue and now there are more details. Another feature of the new installation program is the background terminal which shows the progress of the installation. In addition, the "welcome" application EndeavorOS now supports other languages ​​such as Spanish, German, Russian and French.

In addition to all that we just mentioned, the EndeavourOS installation program also has the ability to remove drivers of the old installation, or drivers that no longer serve the operating system.

The latest version of EndeavourOS comes with more built-in applications. One of them is Pahis, which shows a history of packages in the terminal. Eos-log-tool is also pre-installed in this version.

Some more changes to the new version are:

  • LUKS encryption in the installation program
  • Vanilla Desktop in the online installation program.
  • Linux Kernel 5.6.3-arch1-1
  • Mesa 20.04.-1
  • Firefox 75.0-1 Arch
  • Calamares 3.2.20
  • Removing the multi-boot problem in grub
  • VMWare ISO support

To reinstall, you must first download ISO file. You can find it by clicking here. The offline installation allows you to install EndeavourOS with a graphical Xfce DE interface. However, in the online installation, there are several more options.


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