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Julian Assange: The founder of WikiLeaks secretly had 2 children while hiding to avoid extradition to the United States

The Mail has revealed that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has secretly become the father of two children (2-year-old Gabriel and 1-year-old Max) while hiding at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid extradition. USA, where he is accused of espionage and the leak of thousands of US confidential documents. Assange, 48, was also wanted for rape in Sweden, a charge he never admitted, and was later acquitted. The boys' mother is a 37-year-old South African lawyer, Stella Morris, who fell in love with the controversial WikiLeaks founder five years ago.

In 2016, when he had his first son, Assange was at the embassy near Harrods for four years, allegedly under constant surveillance by US services. security. However, a police operation Scotland Yard, which lasted 13,2 hours, was withdrawn following a public reaction to its cost, which amounted to 2 million pounds. The couple managed to keep their relationship and the birth of their XNUMX children hidden from Ecuadorian diplomats and officials who had offered refuge to Assange. Assange, who was born in Australia, is being held in a high security prison Belmarsh since last April, when police raided the embassy and arrested him.

The revelation about his secret family emerged last week in court documents released by The Mail about his extradition to the United States and his attempt to secure bail, as he COVID-19 sweeps the prison population.

In an exclusive interview, Ms. Morris reveals that:

  • Assange watched the birth of his two children in London hospitals via live video, while with his first child, Gabriel, he met when he entered the embassy.
  • US intelligence has tried to steal it DNA Gabriel's diaper after they began to suspect that Assange was his father.
  • The couple will be married in jail unless Assange is released.
  • Both boys, who are British citizens, visited their father in prison. The Duchess of Beaufort and former actress Tracy Ward and the British rapper M.I.A are the godmothers of children.
  • The news will be a bombshell for Assange's friends and enemies, as he has been widely known to have lived an almost monastic life since entering the embassy in 2012. On the contrary, the exclusive images of The Mail show him playing a father. with his son when he was a baby, without falling into the hands of Ecuadorian diplomats, despite his 24-hour surveillance by US intelligence.

Ms Morris reveals their long-term relationship and the existence of their sons because she fears Assange's life is in serious danger if she stays in Belmarsh, where a prisoner has already died of COVID-19. She says her fiancé will be released under government plans to release thousands of detainees in an effort to curb the spread of the deadly virus. He also noted that Assange is now doubly vulnerable as he suffers from chronic lung disease which has worsened since he was held at the embassy, ​​and his isolation has created more and more serious psychological problems.

It has been exactly a year since Assange was arrested at the embassy, ​​where he was granted political asylum to avoid extradition to the United States, where he faces 17 charges. espionage as well as for a conspiracy, since he wanted to violate a computer. It is all related to the leak of 700.000 US documents handed over to WikiLeaks by former US intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning (then Bradley Manning) in 2010. Washington says the leak has endangered the lives of US agents and their sources working there. this area. If convicted, he could face up to 175 years in prison. Assange's right to be with his family will help WikiLeaks try to keep him in the UK.

For the past decade, Assange's professional and personal life has been the talk of the town. Ms Morris first met Assange in 2011 for a cup of tea at London's Frontline Club, a popular celebrity hangout, when her girlfriend, WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson, asked her for help with the Swedish allegations. Mrs. Morris had an international upbringing - her mother was a theater director and her father a town planner. The family lived in Sweden for many years, which means that they were fluent in Swedish, so they could defend Assange against accusations against him in Sweden, from which he was finally acquitted last year. He is also fluent in Spanish, which is just as important as Assange seeking asylum at a South American embassy. She holds a law and political degree from the aristocratic School of Oriental and African Studies in London, and a postgraduate degree from Oxford, where she was a distinguished researcher. She joined Assange's inner circle at the embassy, ​​officially changing her name from Sara Gonzalez Devant to Stella Morris to maintain a lower profile when researching and writing legal documents for WikiLeaks.

Describing her relationship with Assange in detail, Ms. Morris confessed that she feared that American security agencies monitoring Assange would learn about her pregnancy and baby. So she tried to hide her belly by wearing loose clothing, and when Gabriel was born, she would come in and out of the embassy with a friend who was supposed to be the child's father. In January 2018, a guard working for a Spanish security company at the embassy warned her that she had been assigned to steal one of Gabriel's diapers to analyze his DNA in order to see if he was Assange's son.

Ms Morris became pregnant with her second son Max, but as her pregnancy progressed, a new Ecuadorian government turned against Assange, barring visitors and restricting telephone and electronic access of. He was not able to see him from November 2018 until Max was born in February 2019. Assange had not seen his second son until May, when Mrs. Morris visited him in prison in Belmarsh with both boys. . The first time Assange saw Max, he was in solitary confinement and his mental health had been shaken. But when he kept his son, they were all like a normal family, Ms. Morris said.

Mrs. Morris now lives with a large family in London. He has the support of Assange's mother, Christine Assange, and his father, John Shipton, who are happy with their grandchildren, and there is help from the children's godmothers. The Oscar and Grammy MIA nominee is Gabriel's godmother, while Beaufort's former actress and current Duchess Tracy Ward is Max's. Visits to prisons are currently banned because of it Coronavirus COVID-19. So he is worried that Assange will not be able to see his lawyers or be prepared to hear about his extradition next month. In particular, he said he had long feared that WikiLeaks founder Assange would end his life if no way was found to stop his publication in the United States, and now feared for other reasons, including the virus.

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