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Home business Google: Changes Hangouts Chat name to Google Chat

Google: Changes Hangouts Chat name to Google Chat

Google has announced the official removal of Hangouts, which has been available so far enterprise G Suite. Specifically, the company reported a few days ago "The Verge" how to replace Hangouts Chat with Google Chat. The "redesign" of the application is followed by a corresponding name change, which was confirmed yesterday, as the teleconferencing application will be renamed by Hangouts Meet in Google Meet. This latest modification was made known by an updated G Suite support document that includes Google Chat along with Google Meet. Of course, the two versions of Chat should not be confused - Google gave the new version of chat this name to highlight the relatively new messaging protocol Android which is based on RCS (Rich Communication Service). However, a Google spokesman told The Verge that there would be no changes to the classic consumer version of Hangouts.

Η application Hangouts have been used for the last seven years or so. However, this product never managed to reach the same level as Gchat. The often "messy and wrong" Google's messaging strategy has resulted in Hangouts competing with the many messaging and video calling applications that the tech giant has insisted on in recent years. Currently, Hangouts for G Suite, which is the workplace version of the chat application, will continue to exist, as Google postponed its shutdown last August. But the Google Chat that is coming now is more than just a competitor Slack, providing stronger productivity and better quality messaging in workplace, compared to a simple messaging app like the old Gchat. Finally, the accounts gmail as well as iOS and Android devices may still have access to the original version of Hangouts for consumers.


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