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The pandemic encourages drivers to buy electric vehicles

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Analysts in its field automotive industry provide that Sales of electric vehicles will decrease due to it coronavirus. In the past, there have been other situations that have led experts to worry about the future of electric vehicles. However, one new research on United Kingdom showed that the pandemic has made consumers more sensitive to the environment and therefore more willing to buy an electric car.

Η Venson Automotive Solutions conducted a study with 200 customers from the United Kingdom. Alison Bell, marketing director at Venson, said:

The question we asked was: “Its effects COVID-19 (eg the closure) have you changed your mind about electric vehicles and buying such a car? ”

Η company found that 45% of respondents were thinking of buying an electric car when they realized how clean the atmosphere can be. (which is currently in much better shape due to the closure and subsequent reduction of cars). Another 17% have already decided to buy an electric car and are now even more confident about their decision. That means the 62% of British consumers in this research is in favor of buying an electric car.

Bell explained how the questions about electric vehicles were asked.

No specific questions were asked about the pandemic, but some terms of reference were set. For example, the researchers Participants were told: "Car transport accounts for 23% of global carbon dioxide emissions and when people can no longer travel (unless necessary), air quality improves dramatically. "Even the famous canals of Venice now have crystal clear waters."


Of the 45% of drivers who consider buying an electric car, 19% stated that for the next market they will definitely turn to electric vehicles. The rest said they plan to become EV (electric vehicles) drivers within the next five years.

This research shows that the pandemic strengthens electric vehicles. Recently, the number of people choosing such a vehicle has clearly increased. But the percentage was not very high. In July 2019, a third of respondents who showed interest said they would wait another 10 to 15 years. A few months later (ie during this period) the interest in electric vehicles has increased significantly and the drivers are much more willing to proceed with such a purchase much more directly.

Bell believes that the increased interest is due to vehicle improvements, a greater variety of models and some other factors.

However, it seems that Clear skies and reduced air pollution due to confinement have played an important role. The gradual recognition of environmental disaster has begun to change the way consumers think. THE recognition and sensitization come in situations like the one we are experiencing at the moment.

However, global sales of electric vehicles are projected to decrease by 43% this year, according to a new analysis by the company Wood Mackenzie.

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