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Windows 10 2004: Most likely to be released as a "May 2020 Update"

Windows 10 2004

A PowerShell command shows that the name of the upcoming updating capabilities (feature update) Windows 10 2004 will be "May 2020 Update"(Update May 2020) and that version 20H2, which will come later, will have the code name "Manganese".

This PowerShell command is called Get VMHostSupportedVersion and when used on a machine with installed Hyper-V, will display all virtual machine configurations that are supported in the local computer.

As of yesterday, the use of this command indicates that the next version is called "internally" as Microsoft Windows 10 May 2020 Update / Server 2004 and 20H2 as "Microsoft products Windows 10 (Manganese) ”.

May 2020 Update

However, the names revealed by such leaks they are not always reliable. The same happened with the publication "Windows May 2019 Update ”, which was originally named“ April 2019 Update ”.

Let's not forget that with his pandemic coronavirus, many things have changed. For example, many of its employees Microsoft products work from home, so if the company not having enough staff may not be ready to release a new version of Windows in May 2020. We've seen others postponements in the circulation of updates. Therefore, in this case, the new version will probably not be called May 2020 Update and so the leak will not be correct.

Regardless of the name of the updated version, the Windows 10 2004 will be here soon. There have been too many tests since December 2019.

On December 10, 2019, Microsoft released it Windows 10 2004 RTM to Insiders as a Windows 10 Insider Build 19041.

Since then, Microsoft has maintained this version in Slow ring, while at the same time some additional updates are being released to address vulnerabilities security and errors detected.

In February, Windows 10 2004 went through other tests, showing that they are almost ready to release.

Unlike the current ones Windows 10 1909, which was more like service pack, Windows 10 2004 version is a much larger update with a variety of new features.

These include a new Optional Updates user interface, GPU temperatures in Task Manager, new Cortana features, the ability to restore the computer from cloud operation, improved Windows Search and more.


  1. The good thing is that microsoft has taken the test of this information seriously, for a long time now it just does security updates and fixes.
    I hope it turns out good


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