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Zoom: Governments and companies prohibit its use by its members


Η Senate of USA and governments, like her Germany, are added to the list of organizations that advise their staff not to use it application Zoom teleconferencing.

According to a report by them Financial Times, a United States Senator sent a warning last week to members of the Senate and their respective staff, who told them not to use the Zoom because of growing problems security, that have emerged recently.

The warning was not an explicit prohibition on the use of Zoom. Simply advised Senate members to consider alternatives such as Skype for Business and others, to be more sure of security their.

On the other hand, the German government imposed ban of Zoom to its staff.

According to the German newspaper Reuters, the German Foreign Ministry told employees stop using the application for security reasons and protection personal data.


Google, SpaceX, other companies and governments have also banned it Zoom

The German government is not the only one to make this move. Its governments Ταϊβάν and Australia have already announced the decision to ban Zoom. Also, has been banned in schools of New York and in major companies such as SpaceX and Google.

All organizations have made this decision following the many security issues that have come to light in recent weeks.

The teleconferencing app suddenly peaked due to it quarantine and compulsory work from home. In December it had about 10 million users. It reached them by March 200 million users, as more and more people started using it to communicate with their own and their colleagues at work. Prior to the sudden rise, Zoom employees had focused on improving application features and they hadn't invested much in safety.

In early April, following security concerns and poor reviews, Zoom's CEO, Eric Yuan, said that company will stop developing new features and focus on improving application security.

However, despite the quick response to solving all the problems, it will take some time to regain the trust of the users.


  1. At Google we know why they're banning it - because Google has its own competitive app. As for America, they have a recent allergy to the Chinese there (but they have not "brought back" to the United States even half a factory.


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