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Research: Teenagers prefer iPhones to Samsung phones

According to a survey conducted every six months to record teen habits, young people do not choose Samsung phones. Specifically, the investment bank Piper Sandler, formerly known as Piper Jaffray, has been conducting research on adolescents and their preferences for a long time, including the mobile brand they choose to use. The latest survey conducted by Piper Sandler was the bank's 39th in a row. Every six months, teens become more and more likely to choose iPhones, saying that the next mobile phones they plan to buy are iPhones. According to this survey, 85% of teens have it iPhone while 88% believe that their next mobile phone will be iPhone again. Thus, one can conclude that today's teenagers are obsessed with it technology offered by her colossus Apple.

Researchers spoke to 5.200 American teens with an average age of 16.2 years, in an attempt to answer the following question: What is the reason that teens talk about iPhones all the time and what role do parents play in it? According to research, many parents buy iPhones for their children, in an effort to find something that will keep them busy for many hours. This tendency of adolescents may also be related to the fact that adolescents always follow fashion, while being greatly influenced by their peers. As a result, they choose iPhones as a means of integrating them into the whole. So if a teenager notices that all his classmates and friends are choosing it iMessaging, then it is reasonable that he wants to follow this fashion himself. Another fashion that is making its rounds Internet this is the time TikTok, where users upload videos dancing, singing or making jokes and imitations. This application is chosen by many teenagers, among others.

It is a fact that their sales smartphones have been significantly reduced. Samsung, however, is still the world's largest seller of mobile phones. Is it possible for teens to prefer to buy Samsung phones instead of iPhones?


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