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OTE Group Telecommunications Museum: Educational programs and entertainment activities from home for children aged 4-12 and the whole family

Educational programs and entertainment activities for children and families, in which they can participate from home, are offered by the Telecommunications Museum of the OTE Group, which continues to support learning, entertainment and creativity, as long as it remains closed to the public, according to with the instructions of the State.

Group Telecommunications Museum

On our website of the museum but also on his Instagram page @otegroupmuseum, the public will find a series of educational and entertainment activities inspired by the history of telecommunications, but also rich content (photos, narratives, digital material) so that everyone can discover telecommunications and their contribution to the history of our country, without to leave her safety of their home.

As long as we "stay home", in website of the Telecommunications Museum, the public will find:

Educational programs & actions, constructions and toys for the home

The Telecommunications Museum allows families with children aged 4-12 to attend online courses especially educational programs and participate in actions based on his exhibits and collections. From home, younger children can, among other things, make one 3D phone from recyclable materials, to meet Mona Liza who "visits" the Museum, to make their own notebook with simple steps, to design their own comic or to print and paint exhibits of the museum, while learning their history. The older ones or the whole family together, can make a "memory game" with cards, create a handmade table, their own comics and many other constructions, with step-by-step instructions and small video.

Tour of digital points of permanent exposure

Through the website of the museum there is access to digital augmented applications (AR) & virtual reality (VR) of the permanent report, through which visitors can get to know Morse and his invention, take a tour of "Thales the Milesian", the older cable ship in the world, to see them up close Greece's first call centers, but also one of the first telephone booths  of the 30s.

Visitors to the museum's website can listen to it original theatrical performance "And yet it moves" which was presented for the third year at the museum and which presents the whole history of telecommunications from frying pans to fiber optics!

OTE Group Telecommunications Museum Educational programs

Learning the stories of telecommunications

How did the telegraph help Count Montechristos, the famous hero of Alexandros Dumas, avenge the people who imprisoned him? How did telegraphy start in Greece? When did the word telecommunications first appear and establish itself in the international literature? These, and many more stories, known or unknown, related to telecommunications and their evolution, are presented on the Museum's site.

The OTE Group's Telecommunications Museum will propose new activities for children, adults and families every week. #StayConnected #StayCurious @otegroupmuseumgr