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Microsoft: The April 2020 update for Office has been released

Microsoft released the non-security updates of April 2020 for Microsoft Office, which include bug fixes as well as performance and stability improvements for its versions. Windows Installer (MSI) of Office 2016. For example, these updates fix one error, which results in Word 2016 being deleted when it tries to save certain documents, as well as an error affecting the OneNote 2016, when the user factor string exceeds 128 characters. After installing the updated versions of Office 2016 KB4484101 and OneNote 2016 KB4475586, users will be able to save any form of documents and use OneNote with user factors of any length, without applications to close unexpectedly.

April updates also fix an error that affects it Microsoft Skype for Companies of 2016, in which HID “flash” commands are not ignored during calls made to Microsoft Teams. Users can download the updates that Microsoft is currently releasing from the service Microsoft Update or from the Download Center for manual installation. These Microsoft Office updates do not apply to Office 2016 subscriptions or Office 2016 Click-to-Run versions, such as Microsoft Office 365 Home. Depending on the update, users may need to install prerequisites to completely correct the error or to improve the application in device Their Windows, such as the KB4484286 update, which requires the installation of KB4011099 or KB3203472.

Also, some updates may require a restart. Before users install Microsoft Office's non-security updates for April 2020, they may need to restart computer to complete the installation process. If the Office installation does not start smoothly, the users can uninstall the problematic update by following these steps:

  • Go to "Start", enter "View installed updates" in the "Windows Search" box, and then press Enter.
  • In the list of updates, find and select the problematic update and then select "Uninstall".


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