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Cloudflare: Stops using Google's reCAPTCHA!

Cloudflare announces it will stop using Google's reCAPTCHA and switch to a new location provider muzzle called hCaptcha. Co-founder and CEO Matthew Prince said the move was linked to Google's future plans to charge reCAPTCHA, which would cost his business millions of dollars a year, something Prince wanted to do. relieve both Cludflare and its customers.

Prince announced that Cloudflare will integrate a new CAPTCHA anti-bot system into its products, hCaptcha, which is provided by Intuition Machines, Inc.. Cloudflare has said it will pay its company California, thus ensuring that Intuition Machines will have the resources to improve its infrastructure to meet the requirements of Clududflare. According to W3Techs, Clududflare is a management provider DNS services for 11,3% of all internet sites and provider firewall for 12,4% of websites, where there is a lot of traffic on a daily basis.

Prince said that while the fact that he pays for the use of hCaptcha financially burdens his business, these costs are nothing compared to the corresponding costs required by the use of reCAPTCHA. In addition, the use of hCaptcha solves two problems that Clududflare faced when using reCAPTCHA. The first problem is related to the fact that reCAPTCHA blocked at intervals in China, with the result that Cloudflare cannot use it on sites and users in the Asian country. The second problem concerns Google's privacy policy, which claims that Cloudflare has no reason to worry about protection of data, as hCaptcha collects much less data from users filling out its forms.

Until now, Cloudflare has used Google's reCAPTCHA as part of its IP Firewall and Gatebot products, where reCAPTCHA was activated when a Cloudflare-protected site fell victim. DDoS or other forms of automated attacks, asking users to fill out a reCAPTCHA form to access website. Cloudflare also used reCAPTCHA as part of its Security Levels feature, allowing site administrators to enable a reCAPTCHA form for all incoming users, as a standard form of motion filtering, regardless of whether a site was accepted. attack or not.

In the past, Cloudflare has been heavily criticized by its users Tor Browser due to the support of reCAPTCHA, as for many years they could not access Cloudflare-protected sites unless they completed multiple forms of reCAPTCHA. Cloudflare changed that in September 2018.


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