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Home security Tails 4.5: The new, safer version has been released!

Tails 4.5: The new, safer version has been released!

Tails: The new more secure version 4.5 has been released!

Tails 4.5: The new, safer version has been released - Tails is a live operating system based on Debian, which you can use without installation and on any computer. Its purpose is to provide anonymity to the user, which is why communication with it Internet becomes a means of TOR Browser.

In this way, the operating system leaves no marks on the computer running. Another feature of Tails is that it comes with many applications encrypt files and messages.

The new version 4.5 has been released: One of the most important news in this version is secure boot, which aims to protect the system from malware running during system boot.

Each time the system is booted, UEFI checks the validity of the binary. If for some reason the binary is not valid, the system notifies it user and the boot stops.

Another thing worth noting is that the new version of Trails, comes with many system bug fixes and for many applications. The Tor Browser 9.0.9 also found a place in the latest operating system update.

The latest version is easily updated. All you have to do is log in to the internet and start the automatic update. If for any reason the automatic update is not successful, you can try the automatic mode.

You can also download the new version from here, and then switch it to your usb. However, you should be aware that your old files will be deleted during the process.


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