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Instructions for the face shields created by Apple


Η pandemic of the corona has affected all areas of our daily lives and especially our work. Many large Companies make efforts to help the situation as much as they can, either by donating basic necessities or by offering significant sums of money. As mentioned in a previous article, its CEO Apple Tim Cook, posted a video on Twitter, where he says his company has gathered product designers, engineers and business teams to design face shields for healthcare workers.

In the video, Tim Cook reports that his company is designing face shields for people who are at the forefront of the health sector to reduce their chances of contracting the virus.

These are simple face protectors, made of plastic, that cover the entire face of those who wear them. However, in order to use them, one has to make some modifications.  

Apple has released a guide to the steps that need to be followed to assemble and adjust face shields. The entire assembly process takes just 2 minutes and involves easy steps, such as aligning the notches to the face and adjusting the headband to make it the right size.

You can also refer to video published by Apple to learn how to assemble and use the face shield.

In the video, Tim Cook says Apple plans to release 1 million face shields by the end of this week and an additional 1 million next week. Apple, meanwhile, isn't the only company helping USA to fight him coronavirus. The Tesla It also produces respirators at its Tesla Gigafactory in New York to help with the new health crisis.


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