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The Fall of the Zoom: Google forbids its employees to use it


A few weeks ago, the Zoom was one of them top teleconferencing solutions. Many people now work from it home, they chose it to contact their colleagues. However, some soon emerged issues security (Zoom user data transfer to Facebook, theft Windows codes, account report in Dark web etc.). Zoom is struggling to rectify the situation and has already brought results for some of these issues. However, it is probably too late. The BuzzFeed News it's mentioned that Google has banned its employees from using the popular one application teleconferencing.

Google informed its employees last week that it Zoom will stop working on them computers and smartphones, provided by the company.

Google employees

Google introduced this move to The Verge as something completely normal. Google spokesman Jose Castaneda, stated:

"It simply came to our notice then does not allow employees to use unapproved applications for work, located outside our corporate network. Recently, our security team informed the employees who use it Zoom Desktop Client that will no longer run into corporate computers, as it does not meet the standards security that we have set for applications. Employees who use Zoom to keep in touch with family and friends can continue to do so via a web browser or by mobile phone ”.

Google has its own teleconference service, called G Suite Meet and is intended for entrepreneurs users. It also offers free support for Google Hangouts.

In addition to Google's decision to ban Zoom on PCs, Microsoft is coming to make the situation even more difficult. Taking advantage of the security issues of the application, it promotes its own platform Teams, saying it is the best alternative for both business and home users.

Zoom, however, is struggling to stay on top. It seeks to improve its security. In addition, he announced that his former CSO Facebook, Alex Stamos, works with Zoom as an external security consultant.

Can Zoom regain the trust of its customers? Earlier this month, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan told the Wall Street Journal: "I really made mistakes as CEO and we have to regain their trust."


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