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Facebook wanted to buy Pegasus Spyware to track Apple users

According to NSO CEO Shalev Hulio, Facebook tried to secretly buy Pegasus spy software in order to monitor the activities of its users and especially the device owners Apple.

Pegasus is a powerful spyware software developed by Israeli spyware maker NSO, also known as Q cyber technologies.

As the company claims, the software used only by governments and law enforcement to locate criminals and terrorists. However, he stated that in some cases, the technology It is also used by individual users around the world.

Last October, Facebook filed a lawsuit against the NSO group, accusing it of hacking the app. WhatsApp, taking advantage of a vulnerability zero-day, using Pegasus to steal data from its users.

However, according to Shalev Hulio, the accused in the case and CEO of NSO, two Facebook representatives contacted the company to purchase royalties. Pegasus spyware.

During this time, Facebook was in the early stages of developing a product VPN called Onavo Protect, which helps Facebook analyze user traffic and activities and send them via VPN.

Facebook representatives said the company was concerned that the Onavo Protect user data collection method was less effective on Apple devices than on Android devices.

Facebook has asked the NSO to use Pegasus' alleged capabilities to track Apple device users and was willing to pay to monitor Onavo Protect users.

A Facebook spokesman said: "The NSO is trying to divert attention from the facts that were filed in court six months ago by Facebook and WhatsApp. "Trying to avoid responsibility includes making inaccurate reports about their spyware and talking to people who work on Facebook."

Facebook removed Onavo Protect from the App Store and Google Play, following allegations that it monitored users.

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