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Tesla's model uses solar energy to move


Plans for one Tesla Roadster, with an engine that uses solar energy, was recently released in Internet and show that he could survive after the end of the world.

The photo of this model was posted on Instagram by the user @ tesla_pics_47 with a caption that said "There is no corona on Mars."

One of the best features of this solar car is its huge tires, which allow it off-road routes. These huge tires cover the entire wing of the car and give it a dynamic look.

However the most exciting feature this Tesla model is the solar panels it has. Specifically, the car has a panel mounted on its roof and one on the left. The panels will convert the solar energy in electric so this electric vehicle to be able to move for hundreds of miles.

Although the Tesla Roadster already has a very impressive range of 600 miles, having more certainly doesn't hurt.

In a world where the planet has been destroyed, you will surely encounter many obstacles in your way. However, the special design of this new model will be able to overcome them.

The Roadster has room for 4 passengers, however you can add extra space at the top of the vehicle to carry cargo.

The roof shelf has enough space for a spare tire and four gasoline cans, which raise the question: What's inside? car;

Modifying a Tesla by adding a sunroof doesn't seem like a big deal. However, perhaps the suspension should be increased and not reduced to such a model.

Plus, it might be a good idea to remove the solar panel from the hood. It may look nice, but a panel of this size only produces a very small amount of electricity. This panel will add a very small range of batteries and is therefore not worth it. However, the solar panel on the side, which is very small and does not add much weight to the car, could remain for additional energy production.


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