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Home business Sony: Reveals the new DualSense controller for the PS5!

Sony: Reveals the new DualSense controller for the PS5!

Along with the fifth model in a row Playstation, PS5, Sony unveils new DualSense space controller, which retains some of its features DualShock 4 which accompanied the previous version of the popular console, while new features have been added that offer a unique experience to gamers. One of these special features is that the new controller is wireless, it charges via a socket USB Type-C and has a built-in microphone.

DualSense offers tactile feedback and sensors that create resistance and vibration depending on the game. For example, L2 and R2 are now adaptive triggers and therefore when a gamer marks an arc, they will vibrate. In addition, the "Share" button that existed in DualShock has been removed and in its place there is now the "Create" function that allows the sharing of content through the game with screenshots and video.

Sony's most impressive addition to the DualSense controller is a built-in microphone system that allows Gamers make short conversations with friends during a game even if they are not connected headphones. However, Sony does not recommend using the built-in microphone for larger ones talks. Sony's PS5 DualSense is very different from the company's previous performance controls. It is the first time that the controller combines two colors. To be precise, DualSense has white with a little black and blue ice color, unlike before it had only one color. In addition, the design team of DualSense, in the futuristic style of the new PS5 controller, changed position in the light bar that was previously at the top of the controller and now surrounds the whole touchpad. There is currently no word on how much the new Sony DualSense controller will cost. More details about this will be announced by the company near the start date of the PS5 release.


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