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Facebook: Launches new chat application for couples due to COVID-19!

As the governments of a large number of countries have taken the measures of social distancing and its lockdown, in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, people's daily lives have changed radically, and their internet addiction has intensified, as it provides them with both work and entertainment solutions and entertainment. communication, allowing them to maintain their social contacts even during quarantine. On the occasion of pandemic of Coronation COVID-19, Facebook is launching a new chat app for couples coming face-to-face. This is the "Tuned" application, which allows couples to chat and exchange photos - music, creating a kind of digital album to keep in touch with each other.

The team New Product Experimentation Facebook (NPE) has created a free mobile app aimed at giving users new experiences, describing "Tuned" as a "private space where partners can be themselves." The new offer from the NPE team appeared at a time when users are in greater need than ever before Internet. "Tuned" is available in iPhones and iPads and can be used for exchange of messages, music, photos or other content, giving couples the opportunity to create a chronology of shared memories. The users they can also link accounts Spotify, send notes, cards and voice messages as well as use Facebook stickers and reactions.

Regarding the use of user data, Facebook states that all applications follow the company's established user policies. The new chat app for couples doesn't seem to have end-to-end encryption, therefore the content shared in the chat between the couples can be used for specific advertising purposes in the same way as with the established platform of Facebook. Facebook noted that NPE group applications will be modified and removed if they prove to be unhelpful to humans.


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