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Home Updates UbuntuDDE: Ubuntu Linux with Deepin desktop

UbuntuDDE: Ubuntu Linux with Deepin desktop

UbuntuDDE: Ubuntu with Deepin desktop

UbuntuDDE: Ubuntu Linux with Deepin desktop- Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined the powers of the most knowledgeable? distributionto him Linux, with one of the most beautiful work environments? If you think this is the best combination between software and desktop, then you should try the new UbuntuDDE.

UbuntuDDE, is a new distribution in the world of Linux, which is based on the coming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and uses the Deepin desktop. There is no doubt that Deepin is one of the most beautiful graphical environments out there. For this reason, the result of this combination is a beautiful and powerful one operating system.

Before we go any further, it is important to note that for now, UbuntuDDE is not an official version of ubuntu. However, we believe that soon the new operating system will be officially announced version of the classic ubuntu.

Developer Arun notes that the new version was created by combining the updated packages from Deepin repository with ubuntu 20.04. Arun said also that the teams of Ubuntu Snapcraft, Budgie and Cinnamon also helped a lot in the creation. So UbuntuDDE is the result of our great cooperation, Arun added.

One downside of Deepin is the Spyware that was in the Store in 2018. At that time, it became known that Deepin was collecting personal data from them. users of the store. Therefore, many are those who no longer trust it. 

For him reason, instead of containing the Deepin Store, UbuntuDDE comes with the Ubuntu software center. Apart from this, repositories also support the PPAs of the classic ubuntu.

Installation of the new distribution:

UbuntuDDE: Ubuntu with Deepin desktop

To install the new distribution, you must first download the installation file. But don't forget that the distribution is in beta stage. This means that there may be some errors in its operation. The constant version is likely to be released after the official release of ubuntu 20.04, which will probably take place on April 23.


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