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Microsoft is buying the domain to prevent hijacking Windows accounts

Η Microsoft buy it domain to prevent its use by hackers. Criminals could use it to steal Windows credentials, to monitor their movements users and send maliciously archives.

For the past 26 years, has been the owner Mike O'Connor. O'Connor was afraid to sell the domain, as it could be used by malicious hackers.

This is due to the fact that Microsoft, in the past, recommended Companies use “CORP” as their Activity Directory domain name when setting up a new Windows network.

As DNS and the Internet are more closely integrated into Windows domains, there may be confusion with the DNS name and the actual Internet domain.

Thus, Windows can be connected to the Internet domain and not to the Windows domain (when trying to access resources such as network shares and logins).

Therefore, if the Internet domain was used by malicious people hackers, malicious files could be sent or even stolen Windows credentials users, as well as accounts and hashed passwords are sent to server when attempting to access network shares.

If hackers gain access to hashed passwords can use programs such as HashCat, to break passwords quickly access.

Microsoft buys

According to Brian Krebs, when O'Conner put up for sale for $ 1,7 million, he hoped Microsoft would buy it to protect them customers and that it will not result in cybercrime or state criminals hacking groups.

Krebs said Microsoft had agreed to buy the domain, but we did not know the final price.

“To help protect systems, we encourage customers to practice reliable practices. security, when they plan internal domain and network names ", Microsoft stated in a statement. The company also said it has previously posted security tips and updates to keep customers safe. "In our ongoing commitment to customer safety, we have also acquired the domain."

However, even though Microsoft owns the domain, it should be noted that problems with the DNS name may continue if Microsoft ever decides to use the domain name on the Internet.


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