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Netflix: Lock your PIN account for more security

Netflix: Lock your PIN account for extra security

Netflix: Lock your PIN account for more security- Netflix, one of the best known streaming platforms, gave a new feature to users, which allows them to lock their account with PIN. Apart from that, in platform There is now parental control, a service that allows users to control and remove any content they think is inappropriate for their children.

Η ability to lock their PIN accounts will be very useful to users who share their subscription with acquaintances and friends, while at the same time not wanting anyone to have access to the profile settings.

The locking process is simple. Just follow these steps:

  • Connect to Netflix from one Browser.
  • Click on the account details at the top right of the page.
  • Select an account. Then select Parental Control.
  • Here you will find the point where the regulation of PIN.

According to the company's kid's product manager, the possibility of parental control is important for many of the parents. He also stated that the company hopes these opportunities will help parents allow their children only appropriate content. Parental control can remove even entire series. For example, if someone decides they don't want their children to see Game of Thrones, can easily remove the entire row.

G-Rating Filter:

Another feature that now has users, is to allow content from the G-Filter. In short, this filters the content based on the rating given by other users in the country.

Other features of parental control include the ability to disable autoplay, time constraint, and access to “record”Of the child's account.


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