HomesecurityThe Linux Foundation supports seL4 microkernel OS to enhance security

The Linux Foundation supports seL4 microkernel OS to enhance security

Linux Foundation seL4

The Linux Foundation works with Data61, the digitally specialized division of the National Science Organization of Australia, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), in an effort to promote it new core of the seL4 operating system, oriented to safety.

The seL4 microkernel not related to Linux. However, it can, in theory, be used as a basis for both Linux as well as for other functionalities systems, related to Unix. For example, its use in operating is considered system Gnu Hurd by Richard M. Stallman. Now, the latest version allows seL4 to be developed more widely.

This nucleus is a member of it family microkernel L4. SeL4 is one mathematically proven right core operating system, without errors. His goal is strenghening of security. According to Data61, it is the first operating system in the world that has been proven mathematically and has very high performance and enhanced properties. security. In the future, he will be able to support significantly systems in real time.

The role of the Linux Foundation is to host the new body SeL4 Foundation. In essence, it will support the seL4 Foundation by providing know-how and services to increase community engagement, while at the same time helping to develop the OS ecosystem.

The founding members of this venture are: Data61, UNSW Sydney, HENSOLDT Cyber ​​GmbH, Ghost Locomotion, Cog Systems and DornerWorks.

SeL4 will be used in critical computing systems (in real time), in which the safety is very important. It is said to be used in key areas:

  • electronic equipment on aircraft
  • autonomous vehicles
  • medical Appliances
  • critical infrastructure
  • defense

Carl L. Nerup, CEO of Cog Systems, said:

"SeL4 has set a new standard of high reliability for connected people Appliances. This enables us to offer commercial solutions that meet the strict market requirements for higher security standards and protection".

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