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Quarantine hack: Discover new ways to have fun online

Quarantine hack: Discover new ways to have fun online-His pandemic coronavirus has forced people around the world to stay locked in their homes, and many countries have imposed quarantine, which in some cases has lasted more than a month. But the internet is here to save the day.

Honestly, it's boring to stay in all day and social withdrawal can seriously affect your physical and mental health. In such scary times, the internet can prove to be your savior.

Let's see how you can have fun on the internet during quarantine:

Hard-core Gaming  - Now the WHO recommends it.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had stated before the pandemic that gaming disorder is a disease. But now, he advises people to stay home and play video games while exercising social distance.

Royal Battle on your cell phone? And yet it is possible.

Playing games on mobile It's the easiest way to kill your time, having fun for hours.

If you are a fan of battle royale games, you will not feel trapped in quarantine for a moment. Popular battle royale games such as PUBG and Call Of Duty Mobile come with new seasons that bring tons of new features.

Time for fun with games on browser your

If you don't have a powerful computer for playing video games, try running games without installing anything more than a browser. There are many games that will keep you company for hours.

If trivia games are your forte, you can play The Wiki Game. It is an interesting game that you start from a specific Wikipedia page with a specific topic and you have to go back to different pages to reach your destination.

Watch classic movies!

Quarantine is the perfect time to watch all the classic movies and TV series again. Visit pages like this imdb or the rottentomatoes and we're sure you'll find many series and movies you'll want to see again.

streaming services at your disposal free of charge

Given the coronation quarantine and the way it has restricted people in their homes, many streaming services offer their content for free or have extended the free trial period they have. Here are some streaming services that offer extensive free subscription periods or have expanded the list with their free content:

Download movies, TV series from the internet

If you do not have a subscription, you can find some sites where you can download movies and TV series without paying. Pay close attention to websites that have copyrighted material as downloading of this material is illegal. Also many such websites are responsible for distributing material that may harm your PC such as malwares and ransomwares.

Anime lovers? We have taken care of you too

Do you like watching Anime? Quarantine could be the best time to watch Anime online. Below you will find sites that offer free and legal anime streaming:

Free e-books for your eyes only

internet fun

For a bookworm, quarantine is good. If you like reading books, this is the best time to start reading books online. Many services offer free e-books to promote social isolation.

Scribd free for a month

One of the largest e-book companies is Scribd. In the midst of a pandemic, Scribd offers a one-month free subscription to its premium list.

Η Scribd has millions of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and articles for 30 days. You do not need your credit card details to start reading during the free trial.

Art lovers can visit the museums virtually

Are you in quarantine and have a craving for art? These 12 museums and art galleries now offer online collections and virtual tools during quarantine.

  • British Museum, London
  • Guggenheim Museum, New York
  • National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
  • Musée d'Orsay, Paris
  • National Museum of Contemporary and Contemporary Art, Seoul
  • Pergamon Museum, Berlin
  • Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
  • Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
  • J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
  • Uffizi Gallery, Florence
  • MASP, Sao Paulo
  • National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

Most of these museums are included in Google Street View so you can virtually wander around their rooms.

Gain new knowledge online

internet fun

If you are tired of playing games and watching movies, you can use the internet to gain new knowledge on many interesting topics.

Here are some websites you can visit:

Fun and interesting websites

Here are some interesting websites that can keep you entertained for a long time during social isolation.

1. MapCrunch

MapCrunch puts you in a random location through it Google Map Street View and then it's up to you to explore it. MapCrunch has graphic sites and is one of the best sites to kill your time.

2. Zoomquilt

One of the most amazing sites, Zoomquilt, shows an image that you can magnify indefinitely, thus causing a form of hypnosis.

3. 100,000 Stars

100.000 Stars is an interactive display of 119.617 nearby stars. So you can travel to thousands of stars through your computer screen.

4 Radiooooo

This website is a diamond for music lovers. You can listen to the radio from different parts of the world and from different time periods. Just select the country and the decade to start listening to the radio.

5. News of Future

Honestly, the headlines these days are causing grief with cases of the virus and bad news about him being constantly rebroadcast on screen. Take a break and watch the news from 2025. News of Future presents the upcoming events and titles from the future.

You don't need toilet paper, but the internet to survive

The coronation quarantine is not so bad if you know all the things you can do in your spare time. There is no better time to explore the internet and see the real possibilities it can offer you.


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