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Home security Twitter: Mozilla Firefox Stored Personal User Data!

Twitter: Mozilla Firefox Stored Personal User Data!

Twitter has revealed a problem with how it works web browser Mozilla Firefox stored temporary user data shared via DMs (Direct Messages), while data downloads were stored in the browser's cache. If users use Firefox to browse platform Twitter, multimedia files that have been privately shared DMs or downloading data files from Twitter may have been saved to temporary μνήμη of the web browser. This means that hackers may have stolen users' personal data using maliciously tools designed to go through Firefox's cache, while anyone can have access in their personal information, in case they have been linked to Twitter by a shared or public computer.

More specifically, Twitter stated that it has recently been informed that the way in which data was stored by Mozilla Firefox may have led to the invalid storage of sensitive and confidential information in the browser's cache. This means that if users have access to Twitter from a shared or public computer via Mozilla Firefox and have taken steps such as downloading Twitter data files or sending - receiving multimedia via DMs, this information may be stored temporarily. browser memory even after disconnecting from Twitter.

On the plus side, personal data stored in Firefox cache is automatically deleted after 7 days. Users of other web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Safari, are not affected by this issue according to Twitter, which pointed out that it has made a change in platform which will prevent Firefox from storing users' personal information. The giant of social network It also emphasizes that if users use or have used a shared or public computer to access Twitter, they should clear the browser's cache before disconnecting and pay attention to the personal information they download to a computer used by other people.

To clear users' Mozilla Firefox cache, they need to click the menu button and go to Options> Privacy & Security> Cookies and Website Data> Delete Data. There they will have to uncheck "Cookies and Site Data" and only check the Cached Web Content and then click the Clear button.

Finally, Twitter addressed its users, saying that it regrets this incident, while emphasizing that its team recognizes and appreciates the trust that users have in it and is committed to gaining that trust every day.


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