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Bill Gates: What does the US recommend to do in the fight against COVID-19?

Her co-founder Microsoft, Bill Gates, had recently mentioned her subject pandemic of Coronavirus on an AMA (Ask Me Anything) Reddit. But now he has leaked more information to the Washington Post about how the United States can respond better and more effectively to the fight against COVID-19. More specifically, the co-president of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation proposed three steps to tackle COVID-19, which has infected a large percentage of people around the world.

First, Bill Gates argues that there must be a national approach to closing them operational, pointing out that the country's leaders must be clear. In particular, they must make it clear that everything must be stopped and shut down. He also says that until the number of cases is reduced to the whole America - which can be achieved in 10 weeks or more - no one can continue to work under the same conditions as before, while companies should not delay closing, as this will result in more deaths by COVID-19.

The second step proposed by Bill Gates concerns the examination for COVID-19. Gates reports that the federal government it needs to step up its efforts to get more people examined, and it should prioritize exams starting with doctors and first responders. His statements reflect what he said on AMA Reddit on March 18, in which he described the examination made on USA "Disorganized". Gates also said that the system for the purchase of personal protective equipment equipment, which rulers are pushing too far, can only aggravate the situation.

Finally, Bill Gates says there must be an approach based on data for the development of treatments and one vaccine. He pointed out that leaders should not spread rumors or create panic, referring to medicine hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine has been offered as a treatment for COVID-19, which results in many people rushing to buy it without knowing if they should use it. This is certainly a medicine that is essential for those with wolf (lupus). It is worth noting that institution Gates donated $ 100 million in February to support the fight against Koronios, initially raising $ 10 million in January.


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