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Microsoft's Edge is now the second largest browser


Her report Netmarketshare, about the data market share for operating systems and browsers for desktop, released for March 2020. As is apparent from the report, o Microsoft Edge has ranked second in the largest browsers in the world. It looks like the browser that was used primarily for downloading other browsers is now restored. As Edge was once regarded as his successor Internet Explorer, he had never gained the recognition he deserved, but now that has finally changed.

As for desktop operating systems, after the end of their support Windows 7, more and more users turned to Windows 10. This operating system currently holds 57,34% of the market share, followed by Windows 7, with a market share of 26,23%. Next up is Windows 8.1, which ranks third with a market share of 3,69%, and macOS X 10.14 with a market share of 2,62%.

About browsers, its market share Google Chrome rose slightly, now at 68,50%, followed by Microsoft Edge, with a market share of 7,59%. This means that Edge has surpassed Mozilla Firefox as the second largest browser. Firefox and Internet Explorer came in third and fourth, respectively, with a market share of 7,19% and 5,87%.

Of course, the Microsoft she worked hard to help make her browser more popular. A few years ago, it made it available for devices iOS and Android, which has made it more appealing to more users. In addition, Microsoft makes sure to constantly optimize its browser based on the preferences of the majority of users. Even h Google admitted he wants to learn from Edge to better manage the tabs.


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