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Home security Italy Coronavirus: Hacking attack on the one-off bonus website

Italy Coronavirus: Hacking attack on the one-off bonus website

Italy Coronavirus: Hacking attack on emergency service website- Hacking attack received on Italian social welfare website as thousands of people filled in applications for emergency aid benefits due to his pandemic coronavirus.

Italy Coronavirus: Hacking attack on the one-off bonus website

According to Pasquale Trintico, chief of staff, h INPS (social welfare service) had received 339.000 claims for the 600 euros allowance so far, but hackers made them impossible to access on the website.

“In the last few days we had received a lot cyber attacks which caused a great collapse of the system. They continued today and we had to close it website", Trintico told state broadcaster RAI.

The government, in response to the galloping financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, has introduced a 600-euro allowance that all self-employed and seasonal workers can apply for.

Italy Coronavirus - Hacking Attack: The difficulties of connection

However, the users who tried to access her website today found difficulties. Some have said that privacy other people appeared on the screen as they tried to fill in the required fields.

LimeRAT Trojan-excel

Trindico said he briefed police on the cyberattack, which expressed doubts about the effectiveness of security. digital infrastructure of Italy during the country's battle against the coronavirus. However, he did not indicate if there was any data breach.

The ruling Democratic Party (PD) said it had secret services they should investigate who is behind the cyberattacks. "These jackals should stop immediately," said party leader Andrea Orlando emphatically.



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