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FCC: From 2021 users will be checking the authenticity of the calls

The FCC (Federal Communications Community) announced today that all mobile providers and mobile phone owners will have to adopt the STIR / SHAKEN protocol, a policy expected to come into force on June 30, 2021. The regulatory requirement is designed to combat the so-called robocalls, that is to say, auto-recorded messages - voicemails, especially those trying to hide their phone numbers, enabling users to verify the authenticity of calls.

Government agency says widespread adoption of STIR / SHAKEN will reduce the effectiveness of illegal counterfeiting (spoofing), will help law enforcement detect any malicious perpetrators and, above all, it will allow mobile phone owners to verify the authenticity of calls and detect spam users before they even call them. The FCC estimates that "sneaky" calling programs cost Americans about $ 10 billion a year. FCC President Ajit Pai has begun pushing mobile phone owners to adopt the protocol in 2018, with the Congress Also "passed" this technology last year with TRACED Act.

While the regulatory requirement for the adoption of STIR / SHAKEN is a step in the right direction, it will not provide an immediate solution to the issue of robocalls, as it is not only sufficient for mobile phone owners to apply the protocol, but they must also check whether their implementation works with others networks. In other words, it is not something a wireless service provider can simply activate. In addition, mobile phone owners need one device that will display the notice "Caller Verified" when someone calls them. While the majority of modern smartphones supports its operation Caller ID, and other cell phones should receive the necessary patches so that they can support such a function.

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