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Man ended up with 4 magnets in his nose due to quarantine!


By pandemic as the coronavirus continues to expand, many people have been forced to close their homes. Most spend their free time doing various things, such as playing games, watching Movies or rows and talking over the phone with friends and relatives.

Others try to spend their time doing experiments that do not always lead to good results. One such case was that of an astrophysicist from Australia, who ended up with 4 magnets in his nose and was forced to be hospitalized.

The incident happened when he was trying to create a necklace, which acts as a warning when someone tries to touch his face.

The unsuccessful experiment

The astrophysicist, Dr. Daniel Reardon, of the University of Melbourne, has attempted to create a necklace that will alert the wearer when he unconsciously attempts to touch it. face of.

To succeed, he tried to create one circuit which detects magnetic fields between a magnetic necklace and a bracelet. He claimed, however, that he did not have the necessary knowledge to construct such a circuit.

When he realized that his experiment failed, he started playing with the magnets, trying to stick them in his ears.

After that, he tried to stick them on nose but two of the magnets stuck in his nose. In an attempt to extract these magnets with the help of other magnets, he ended up with four magnets stuck in his nose. Unable to get them out she rushed to the hospital.

The magnets could have threatened his life if he had not removed them in time, however Guardian now it's fine. The doctors removed the magnets with it hand, using an anesthetic spray and described the incident as a "boredom accident". As the astrophysicist said, he does not intend to experiment with magnets again in the future.


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