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Canonical: Brings new Ubuntu Linux tools and support to the Raspberry Pi

With the release of Ubuntu 19.10, Canonical announced the official roadmap for single-board Raspberry Pi computers. Raspberry Pi supports not only Ubuntu 19.10 but also the older version of Ubuntu 18.04.4. At the same time, Canonical has published a new roadmap on the Ubuntu Raspberry Pi to further enhance their "relationship". The company plans to release new ones tools, services and default official support for the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Canonical will release two new ones services to promote the "culture" of digital creators and followers of "Do It Yourself" (DIY). In collaboration with them developers open source, Canonical will create an online catalog of images devices in various categories such as smart home, smart speakers, security networks, desktop, games, robotics, 3D printing and more. Using the directory, DIY makers and lovers can build their own Raspberry Pi based device as well as a Ubuntu kernel that provides robust security and automation software updates. In addition, manufacturers with no coding experience can use on-line image compilation service to remotely create custom Ubuntu kernel images for the Raspberry Pi.

Developer Tools and Utilities

The Raspberry Pi, one computer with a card the size of a credit card, it is mainly aimed at providing a cheap device that is suitable for those who are trained in software development. With this in mind, the upcoming Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will feature a new configuration and software utility for the Raspberry Pi. Using the tool, developers will be able to improve the user experience of Raspberry Pi and manage connected peripherals such as monitors, cameras and device.

Canonical-raspberry Pi

Lately, businesses have been focusing more on solutions and production (Internal of Things). Similarly, Rasberryberry Ri is the best place to develop IoT based devices because of the cheap cost and credit card size.

By continuing to support PC modules, Canonical now promises to add Ubuntu support from the first day of launch of the new Raspberry Pi. The company will also release a package that will help the project develop flexibility on the Raspberry Pi. This package will include, inter alia, business support for business-customized images, software management services, hosting services, technical support, training and consulting services.

Finally, if one wants to download it Ubuntu Linux image for the Raspberry Pi, you can visit the company's official page, and to install it, he can use a new Raspberry Pi imaging tool called the Raspberry Pi Imager.


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