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Free access to the cloud on D-Wave's quantum computers


The Canadian company quantum D-Wave, today announced that it is giving free access to people who are involved in any way to deal with it. coronavirus, in the service Leap 2 quantum cloud computing. The offer is not limited to those who are searching for medicines, but is more generally aimed at anyone trying to treat coronavirus, such as those who are modeling the spread of the virus or new diagnostics.

One of the good things about the D-Wave program is that it has managed to attract a significant number of partners working on other projects. Partners include Volkswagen, DENSO, Jülich Supercomputing Center, MDR, Menten AI, Sigma-i Tohoku University, Ludwig Maximilian University and OTI Lumionics. These partners can share their knowledge with teams using Leap 2 to develop solutions against their Covid-19.

The whole thing started to get in the way application a week and a half ago, said Alan Baratz, chief executive officer of the company. He stressed that teams working with Leap 2 will get a commercial license, so there is no reason to open source solutions. In addition they will not have the one minute limit per month, which is usually the typical limit for use of D-Wave's cloud service.

"When we launched Leap 2 on February 26 with the Hybrid Solutions service, we launched a quantum computing capability that is now able to solve as many problems - large - scale as production problems in the real world," Baratz said. "If anything, it could be another tool that will prove useful to those working to try and find solutions for the pandemic. And we have to make it available. ”

As he says, they cannot say for sure which teams will get access to systems for them, they will find solutions that could work. "But what we do know is that it would be negligent if we didn't have this tool for free."

Leap is currently available in the US, Canada, USA Japan and 32 countries in Europe. These are also the areas where D-Wave's partners are active and where researchers can freely use its systems.


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