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Face ID: How to use it while wearing a face mask

Face ID: How to use it while wearing a face mask

Her Face ID Apple is great at recognizing faces, thanks to the True Depth system, which creates a digital map of our face and compares it with those already registered data of the face.

The face recognition system works even if there are appearance changes such as longer / dyed hair. Also, the system recognizes your face even if you have makeup or wearing hats, scarves, sunglasses, etc. What the system does not recognize, however, are face masks because Face ID is designed to protect against masking and other similar techniques.

Because of its pandemic Coronavirus, millions of iPhone users wear face masks and are annoyed that they can no longer use face ID and have to enter their password every time to unlock their device. Of course, it's better to type in the code than to get in touch with it COVID-19, which has led to a high worldwide death toll and has infected more than 140.000 people.

Face ID: How to use it while wearing a face mask

After much discussion of the subject in the social half , Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab, a security company, found that a user can use Face ID while wearing a face mask. The method involves partially obstructing the face with a mask when rewriting the face data.

How can we use Face ID wearing a face mask?

  • Go to settings > Face ID & Passcode> Set alternative appearance.
  • Fold the mask in half and cover only half your face.
  • Try to record your face.
  • If the recording was successful, try unlocking the device only with your face. If the recording is not successful, reveal your face more and try recording again.
  • Then try unlocking the device with your face covered with the mask.
Face ID: How to use it while wearing a face mask

It goes without saying that this will make Face ID less secure. While its Face ID Apple is considered one of the safest face recognition tools, it seems that there are security gaps in it too.

The users with devices Android they can also follow the steps above to unlock their device even when wearing a mask. However, it should be noted that face unlocking on Android devices already has some security issues, so this method affects the safety even more.


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