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UK: Coronavirus location data monitoring does not violate privacy

coronavirus location data

In accordance with Office of the Commissioner for Information Protection in the UK, the government can use data location of users smartphone to watch her location as this can help in fight and monitor the spread of coronavirus. The Commissioner claims that use data location does not violate the private privacy, as soon as data is anonymous.

It is said that the government has already spoken to me Companies mobile telephony for the use of location data, enabling the tracking of UK citizens' movements. The aim is to ensure adherence to quarantine, in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The Information Commissioner appears to be on the side of the government, after approving the use data location in this critical period. Only condition: the data is anonymous to protect people's privacy.

“Generalized analysis of site data helps to address the coronavirus crisis. When the data they are anonymous, they do not fall under the data protection law because they do not allow for the identification of the individual, ”said Deputy Commissioner Steve Wood.

"Under these circumstances, privacy is not violated as long as proper safeguards are in place," he added.

Data protection laws can be flexibly enforced to ensure protection of data and of human life. Public safety is important, the Commissioner said. The Authority will continue to advise the government on the implementation of the data protection law during the coronavirus pandemic.


Some countries, such as Israel, Singapore and South Korea, are already tracking people through location data in an attempt to track it spreading of the coronavirus. This tactic is being followed by both USA and United Kingdom.

However, tracking location data (even for tracking coronavirus), raises concerns for privacy and privacy protection , especially if anonymous data can be linked to other data to identify users. Many also believe that data will continue to be collected after the end of the pandemic.

As long as the technology is used to fight coronavirus, n protection of data comes to the fore.


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