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Home security Caution: False websites sell masks for coronavirus

Caution: False websites sell masks for coronavirus


His criminals cyberspace, continue to exploit the situation that has emerged from the coronavirus pandemic to attack organizations and users and spread malware, phishing emails and fake news.

Numerous have already been discovered attacks, which exploit the coronavirus surge and the fear it has created in humans.

The new coronavirus strain, which has so far affected countries in Asia, Europe and North America, was first identified in the city of Ohan China and is also known as COVID-19.

Attackers "disguise" the fake e-mail so that they look like official alerts from public health centers and contain attachments that promise to provide more information on preventive measures against infections by coronavirus.

The number of registered domains, which is related to the coronavirus, has increased sharply since the outbreak pandemic.

Misinformation campaigns

Hackers continue to attack organizations and agencies involved in the study of coronavirus. THE Talos, discovered a new misinformation and fraud campaign that exploits the COVID-19 pandemic.

The website advertised face masks for the coronaio, while also offering free shipping. Eventually it turned out that the website was a scam.

Security researchers have discovered a plethora of malicious campaigns that use the coronavirus as a bait to fool them users to click on the email attachments.

Organizations need to develop robust policies and security teams must search for keywords in their email portals, as victims are easy to lure into fake websites.

It is a common method for malicious agents to exploit emotions such as fear to deceive their victims, especially in times like the one we are in, where fear has already affected people. And now that most people have been forced to work from home, they have less security and malicious factors make matters worse.

For this reason users should be even more careful and constantly alert for suspicious movements, not open emails and attachments that are unsure of their sender's identity, and not click links if they are not in some legitimate and well-known page.


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