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OnePlus 8: Leaked information on new colors

OnePlus 8: Leaked information on new colors

New ones leaks OnePlus 8 features have been released on internet last week. According to new information, photos released, are official renders of the device and feature some of the new colors.

The new images almost confirm the existing leaks regarding the design of the OnePlus 8. notch on OnePlus 7 / 7T phones has disappeared and has been replaced by one camera located in the upper left corner. The photos they also show the screen design which covers almost the entire front surface. On the back of the phone we see the triple camera of the device and the updated company logo that we have already seen in other leaks.

OnePlus 8: Leaked information on new colors

What does the new information show?

The looks you get with the OnePlus 8. The most striking of these is the colorful design that starts with purple at the top and slowly changes to light yellow going to the bottom. Another leak in Twitter by user Ishan Agarwal, claims that the official name for this project is "Interstellar Glow".

The other two designs include a green version of the OnePlus 8, which according to Agarwal is called "Glacial Green". Finally, there is the basic black color which will probably be called "Onyx Black". However, it is good to know that the company has not confirmed whether these leaks are official.

OnePlus 8: Leaked information on new colors

When will the OnePlus 8 family be released? At this time, most unconfirmed leaks report that the Appliances will be announced sometime in mid-April.


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