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Learn how to use and change the background in Zoom

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular and ideal applications, especially during coronado pandemic, is Zoom. Despite privacy concerns, hundreds of thousands of people around the world have downloaded and started using the widespread application lately. video meeting. Employees use Zoom to communicate with colleagues for video conferencing during teleworking. Similarly, teachers use Zoom to teach their students online free lessons, which is very important as there are no additional burdens on both schools and students' families. Teenagers use Zoom to communicate and video chat with their friends, as they are unable to interact and engage with others. activities. One thing that most, if not all, experiment with, users in Zoom, especially the first time they use it, is the virtual backdrop of the application. Users can exchange their real life background with one picture or videos while streaming with friends, family, and coworkers without the need for a green screen.

zoom background

How to use it mode Zoom virtual background

  • Download the Zoom app Poppy or Windows.
  • Open the application, log in, click on your profile picture, which is followed by the "Settings" link in the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the "Virtual Background" tab. If you do not see this tab, you can log in to the Zoom site, go to Meeting Settings and make sure the Virtual Background icon is enabled on the Meeting tab. .
  • In the "Virtual Background" tab, you can select one of the pre-installed backgrounds or upload your own photos or videos.
  • If you have a green screen setting, select "I have a green screen" so that the software can adjust your background correctly. If you do not have a green screen, Zoom recommends streaming from a location with a solid background color.

If you use Zoom from iPhone or your iPad, you can also change your background in the app iOS

zoom background
  • You choose to join a meeting and then click on the "More" tab while logged in to account you.
  • Click on the "Virtual Background" option.
  • You choose a background from your media library or upload your own photos.

If you have older computer or mobile device and you have problems starting Zoom Virtual Background, check the system requirements on the application site to see if you can enable Virtual Background.

Finally, you can decide which exotic local or classic movie scene to use as a background image. But if you're looking for free options, you can visit Zoom Backgrounds, a site created just for that purpose.


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