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Free screen sharing software allows connecting to affiliate PCs

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Lately more and more people work from it home, in an effort to reduce its spread coronavirus. The new conditions work impose new ways of communicating between partners to keep things going smoothly. For this reason, it is significant an increase in application demand teleconference. Huge demand also creates space for the emergence of new tools that can advance communication and its process in general teleworking. One such tool is the Screen, a software which makes screen sharing easy and useful.

The free screen sharing tool allows one or more of your partners to access its screen computer and monitor the screen in real time. This is very useful in meetings. It also allows multiple video calls.

The best thing about this screen sharing tool is that all partners have their own cursor. This means they can navigate on their own and do anything else on your screen without having to be asked to do things and waste time.

The latency is between 30ms-50ms, so it is undeniable much faster than other screen sharing programs, As the Teamviewer.

Users can "share" their screens from Mac, Windows and Linux. Furthermore, can attend meetings and users smartphone and people who haven't installed the tool. They can participate through web browsers their.

How to use Screen sharing tool Screen?

  • Download the app for your platform
  • Provide the necessary licenses for the camera and microphone
  • Click on “New Meeting”
  • Click on the “Share Screen” button
  • Now, other users can join the meeting with a unique meeting ID

Once logged in, other users will be able to bring their cursor and use it on your screen. Of course, o user starting the meeting (the one sharing his screen) can control the movements of the others.

Screen sharing software also has them integrated Slack and Google calendar.

Normally, Screen is free for anyone attending meetings and costs $ 10 a month for 'organizing' it. However, due to coronavirus and forced teleworking, screen sharing application is completely free.


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