HomesecurityGoogle has announced issues with Chrome updates

Google has announced issues with Chrome updates


Η Google has already announced some cutbacks in Chrome browser development and now it seems things are getting even worse.

As you first discovered ChromeUnboxed, the company announced that due to the current situation due to coronavirus, the next major version of Chrome will not be released.

And the Microsoft has followed Google's example, confirming that it will cancel its next major release Edge. Since Edge is now based on the kernel Chromium Like Google Chrome, Microsoft had no choice. "In light of the current situation, the Edge team will stop updating the Stable channel on Edge 81 according to Project Chromium. We are committed to continuing the security and stability updates on the Edge 80. We will share more about this next week, ”the company said. The Opera, which is also based on Chromium, has not yet updated the issue, but is believed to be a matter of time. On the other hand, Firefox of Mozilla is based on the Gecko kernel, and we don't know yet whether the company will decide to continue releasing new releases for it or not.

However yesterday, Google decided to continue releasing updates for Chrome and Chrome OS and announced its new timetable.

The M83 will be released three weeks earlier than planned and will include all the features of the canceled M82.

The channels Canary, Dev and Beta will continue this week, with the M83 in the Dev and the M81 in the Beta.

Stable Channel will continue its release next week with M80 security patches, followed by the release of the M81 on April 7 and the M83 sometime in mid-May.

We'll keep you updated on the M84's release schedule in the future.

The M82 is the code name for Chrome 82 and would be the backbone for Chrome's next major upgrade to Windows, Mac, Android and Chrome OS. All the details of the release will go to Chrome 83 (M83) in the future: Of course, given the situation, it's no wonder Google has made such a move. The deployment of Chrome features may be paused, but Google will continue to provide security updates for the current version of Chrome, protecting the powerful 2BN browser userbase.

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