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Employers monitor employees working from home with surveillance software

Ο coronavirus has brought new conditions in the field of labor. More and more employees now work from home and more and more employers are using it surveillance software to make sure the work is done properly.

employer surveillance software

The email came from the boss.

We're watching you, she told her employees Axos Financial Inc., who now work from home. We record your keystrokes. We record them sites that you visit. Every 10 minutes, we take a screenshot of your screen.

So work, otherwise you will face the consequences.

"We have seen people reap the benefits of flexible working conditions," virtually interrupting, writes Gregory Garrabrants, the bank's chief executive. If daily tasks are not completed, the Employees they have to deal with the consequences, which can even mean dismissal.

This situation is reminiscent Big Brother, but they are absolutely legal for businesses control their employees. Of course, digital surveillance has been used in office desktops for years, although many might think that surveillance software on employees' computers are infringement of their privacy.

Nowadays, many people work from it home. However, many are not used to teleworking and now they have to do it because of coronavirus. When you're home, there are many temptations: a lunch nap or dealing with children.

Employers justify surveillance software by saying that monitoring restricts violations security, which can cause many problems in the business.

With so many people working remotely because of it coronavirus, more and more employers are using surveillance software to do checks.

According to Brad Miller, CEO of the software company InterGuard: “Companies allow their employees to work from home but try to maintain a level security and productivity ”.

An Axos spokesman said that "the enhanced monitoring we implemented will ensure that our in-house workforce will continue to meet quality standards and productivity expected by all employees ”.

In addition to InterGuard surveillance software, employers also use software from the following companies: Time Doctor, Teramind, VeriClock, innerActiv, ActivTrak and Hubstaff. All of these surveillance software allow monitoring of the monitor and measure productivity by observing some data such as the number of emails sent out so that employers know that employees are doing their jobs properly.

According to ActivTrak's CEO, demands for surveillance software have tripled in recent weeks. Teramind and innerActive have seen similar increases.

With InterGuard surveillance software, employers can find out about suspicious behaviors of their employees (such as printing a resume and obtaining information customers, which may mean that he wants to resign and take over the company's clientele).

"It's not due to a lack of confidence," said Miller, who compared surveillance software to security cameras used by banks and other businesses.

Software can also be a way for employers to give employees more flexibility to combine their jobs with other parts of their lives. It can also allow employers to identify where there is excess staff and where they need extra hands.

"I can honestly say, as a user of Hubstaff software, I like the tracking and productivity features," said Courtney Cavey, the company's marketing director. "So my personal advice is to use it as an advantage, as a way to prove to your manager that you are able to work independently."

Hubstaff allows users to see their range of activity. Most controls can be customized, so not all employees are monitored in the same way.

The problem is when employers use surveillance software for it monitoring devices outside working hours.

Many employees are expressing their grievances in forums, probably using devices not monitored by their bosses.


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