HomesecurityApplication - Fraud exploits Koronai to infect Android mobiles

Application - FRAUD exploits Koronaios to infect Android phones

A scam that urges people to download an application if they want to buy a protection mask from Coronaios is aimed at Android mobile users. Cybersecurity experts have discovered the application - FRAUD which displays the following message: “Download the application by clicking the button below and install it. You will get a protection mask from Coronaios ".

The victims they make "click" in the download item they will then see another button that reads: "Buy protective masks". They are then transferred to a fake website which supposedly provides masks for the Coronaios, where they receive the following warning: "You have infected the site with a high dose of traffic". While the users are reading this message, hackers have already accessed their Android phones and are stealing from these user contacts. Once hackers receive a user's contacts, they will send them messages that will refer them to the fraud site.

The application - FRAUD was detected by investigators of the security company Zscaler. So far, the fraud seems to be stealing contacts, but Zscaler's Shivang Desai warned that he could do much more. Specifically, she wrote in her blogpost company that the malicious software could ask the victim to pay online courses to mask and steal his credit card information, but so far none have been found mode in practice. He also added that the researchers speculate that the application is in its infancy and that such functions will be added as the application is updated.

How to avoid fraud

If someone "clicks" to install the application, they will be given the opportunity to deny the application rights to read contacts or send SMS messages before installation. However, in order to protect users, they do not have to download Android apps from anywhere other than the official Google Play Store, and should not be trusted by random and unknown sites trying to sell them allegedly durable medical equipment. If they are still concerned, however, they can download a high quality one anti-virus application from the Google Play Store to ensure they are more protected.


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