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Happens Now: WhatsApp Prank Claims They'll Crack Your Cellphone!

A longtime WhatsApp farce who claims that cell phones are in danger of a mysterious Martinelli virus is back these days.

SecNews has already received several reports from users to whom this message was sent:

However, message application users have nothing to fear from the alleged threat, which has been in circulation since at least 2017.

The message claims that a video called Martinelli will be sent to the recipient's phone via the WhatsApp app the next day and warns users not to download it.

The video doesn't exist, but many continue to pass the message on to friends, family and colleagues, believing it to be genuine and trying to warn them.

WhatsApp farce: What is a video “Martinelli";

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There is no. However, the recipients receive a message warning them that they will receive the "WhatsApp" video within 24 hours. Although the exact text varies, it generally states that the video will "violate it phone you and all device data will be lost. "

Urges recipients not to download it video and warn others not to do so by forwarding the message. It also warns you to click on a link to update the app to “WhatsApp Gold”.

The latest version of the farce also includes a warning about a video called "Dance of the Pope".

“It's a virus that format your cellphone. Caution is very dangerous. He was announced on his radio today with the BBC. Forward this message to as many as you can! ”Reads the message.

WhatsApp farce:Do users really get videos?

No, but so far, many will be misled by the message and will try to do the right thing by warning them friends their. Those who receive the message can redirect it.

As with many successful farces, there is a dose of truth behind it. The promise of WhatsApp Gold - a supposedly premium WhatsApp service that would give users access to additional features and features like more emojis - has been used to trick people into downloading malware onto their phones and computers.

WhatsApp does not offer WhatsApp Gold versions. However, like the Martinelli message, WhatsApp Gold is one of its most persistent hoaxes. Internet, with frauds dating back to 2016 and reappearing repeatedly.

WhatsApp farce:Will forwarding the message harm your cellphone?

No, simply forwarding the Martinelli message will do nothing to phone your. However, it may be of concern to those who receive it.

"Since there is apparently no" martinelli "video, WhatsApp users are safe," said Sophos, the security company.

"All the users have to do is stop promoting this message," the company said.

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