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Now you can also help with the treatment of coronavirus


Η pandemic of coronavirus, has affected most of the planet and has claimed the lives of 20.000 people. Top scientists from around the world, they are increasing their efforts every day to find the vaccine that will protect them, as well as the drug for the treatment of the virus. COVID-19.

But now you too can contribute to this effort from the comfort of your own home, donating the computing power of your old one PC for conducting investigations. To discover his cure coronavirus, scientists must first understand mode of viral proteins and how they suppress our immune system.

Once scientists understand the function and structure of proteins, they can design them medicines that will stop them. However, determining the structure and movement of proteins is not easy, as there are many moving parts involved. Proteins can be studied in different stages through simulations computers, a task that requires enormous computing power.

To this end, Folding @ home encourages users around the world to donate the computing power of their computers to help discover coronary artery disease.

The company has started a project, which involves distributed computers and works with the use of aggregates GPU and CPU. The initiative was launched in February and has so far reached over 470 petaFLOPS. This means that it is twice as fast as him Summit, the fastest supercomputer in the world.

In fact, the computing power so far donated to the company is greater than the power of the world's 7 fastest supercomputers combined!

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You can also give computing power from your old computer that you no longer use to help with this. For more details, you can visit its official website Folding @ home and read the Frequently Asked Questions.

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